Author Topic: Error Message When Adding Song To Play List  (Read 371 times)


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I've added 100's of song to playlists.

Today I was listening to a new cd, with flac tracks, and I attempted to add the first song to a playlist, and I instantly get an error message and the song does not add to the playlist

So i tried the other tracks on the same album... and I get the same error.

So then I tried a different alum from a different artist, and it works without any error messages... so it appears that it is only this particular album that will not add to playlist and produce an error.

This is the error message in question:

MusicBee v3.0.6276.35911 (Win10.0), 4 Aug 2019 13:26:

System.IO.EndOfStreamException: Unable to read beyond the end of the stream.
   at System.IO.BinaryReader.FillBuffer(Int32 numBytes)
   at System.IO.BinaryReader.ReadInt32()
   at #=qcETd8sqCMoUPvcIEB0zH9pInvBUMl62U2ddxQPT0OBk=.#=qrSaCv8UDDTCQxcG1Rg3aFq$KseUJHR$rlI62V8wahAw=(Stream #=qPB7NjaVImQJgPJBhGIBtww==, List`1 #=qWiX2d5FlttwTAqRqrZL6Nw==, Boolean #=qZyYaqdkYQAxjHAqveW0ygQ==, Boolean #=qpPJqZM08zXL2j0WWpcTTpw==)
   at #=qcETd8sqCMoUPvcIEB0zH9pInvBUMl62U2ddxQPT0OBk=.#=qUM13GuUlxMpDUpG16Z4p99Ecji0QNWjv5p5eQ2UcsqI=(Boolean #=qC5x_EVMV2SIU03PE1aKC6g==)
   at #=qcETd8sqCMoUPvcIEB0zH9pInvBUMl62U2ddxQPT0OBk=.#=qrAH_xiLy0sN5hbMpeHt9Aw==(SortOrder #=q18FijEH3ouOHlF0rKh3D8g==)
   at MusicBee.MusicBeeMain.#=qananDsKgJxDndpkcN1aZJnYNaEgINtJRVPy1e4LnBUA=(#=qjp5g3tviUB2v6HQmho5l$Cex0$XZpWZ97NCEBG9h8iA= #=q1HOyqjHIwxcXOULulxloPg==, List`1 #=qiHmr5jnwmZdX5b$nZqSqFA==, List`1 #=qNLH8vpLvmZSd8ev7UiDHRA==)
   at MusicBee.MusicBeeMain.#=qGxxzDc1__WE5ZnPrYmNiQw==.#=qolHTGxEgmKKIwK1C5wM0Z4f6FioazIFtq8G49ZuPe1I=._Lambda$__1(List`1 #=qLAxEg0KySzgayEJqmIZGDw==)

Can someone tell me what is going on, can I fix it so that I can add these songs from this album to playlists?

MusicBee 3.0.6276
Windows 10
Intel i7
8gb Ram


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The playlist is corrupted so unless you have a backup you will need to recreate it. You are using a really old MB version so i recommend you update from the downloads page