Author Topic: Scrobble Album Artist as Artist  (Read 1525 times)


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I often use Spotify when I'm out and about, but Spotify always scrobbles the Album-Artist for Last.FM's <artist> field. Unfortunately, MusicBee, as far as I know, always scrobbles the track artist to Last.FM. This means that, unless I want to have duplicates on Last.FM, I'm always changing my music's <artist> to the <album_artist> value.

I'd like to ask that you consider putting together a fix, and I have a few proposals:

Proposal 1:

In the Audioscrobbler plugin for Foobar2000, it's possible to remap what meta fields are used for scrobbling.

This would probably be ideal, allowing for more use-cases. However, I could see how this could be a big ask, which leads me to...

Proposal 2:

Just a checkmark to switch scrobbling from the Artist field to the Album_Artist field. (In a way this one makes more sense, as switching other fields probably isn't sorely needed.)

Either way, I'd really appreciate this feature however you want to do it. I'm an avid MusicBee user, and this is seriously the only feature I really, really yearn for.

Thank you for all your hard work :)



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If this has not been added yet (If I some how missed it let me know!!!) I would like to bump this.