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I don't know if a thread similar/identical to this already exists, apologies if it does.

Not sure if this will gain any traction but I'd be curious to see other people's's and compare tastes.

For example, here's mine.

I pretty much exclusively listen to metal. Mainly black, death, grind and war.

I mainly listen to bands like Blasphemy, Revenge, Hellripper etc...

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Just registered an account.

Mostly metal, but of the poseur variety. Meloblack, proggy stuff and vaguely melodic grind.
My favorite band is Anaal Nathrakh -- got over 2k plays by MusicBee counts. From your scrobbles it seems like there are some taste overlaps (Wormrot, Cattle Decap, AN, GridLink) but you're obviously more into the grimier, dirtier stuff, haha.
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