Author Topic: [NEED HELP] New to MusicBee, Coming From Foobar2000  (Read 1397 times)


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Just tried out MusicBee, Looks very nice but I have a problem maybe you guys can help.

The problem I'm having is the way MusicBee displays All my Music on the Left Panel. In Foobar, I choose to view as Folder Structure... The way I organize my music, for example, is to have Every album folder stored within a Folder but when it comes to MusicBee EVERY FOLDER is Expanded, Unlike Foobar where it displays the Main Folder w/ the (+) for you to expand manually if you choose.

How do I setup MusicBee so that it displays the Main First Folder rather than expanding every single Folder.

Thanks in Advance!


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If you mean the Computer node, MusicBee should only save which folders are expanded so it can show them again when the program starts.
There doesn't seem to be any way to prevent this.

You can see the list of folders by selecting Help > Support > View Settings File and searching for the <NavigatorInitialExpandedFolders> section.

The easiest way to get MusicBee to forget which folders you have expanded is to collapse the top level node before closing MusicBee so it doesn't save anything to its setting file.

If MusicBee really is expanding every folder, every time it starts, that sounds like a bug which might need further investigation.
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Not sure exactly what is being asked for here, but additionally to what Zak said there are 2 panels you can add using the Panel Arrangement dialog
Library Explorer - set it to display "Folders"
Folder Explorer which shows the same info as the Computer node but its in its own panel