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- This is a request to add an option to switch the alternative scroll (when holding the 'alt' key) and the default scroll.

- A second option that would be great with this would be the adjustment of the scroll speed!

For touchpads, scrolling through artwork views is very difficult as it snaps to the rows, and as such it scrolls very fast! This can be avoided by holding the 'alt' key to enable smooth scrolling, however having to press this button constantly while using the software (especially if you have a lot of music!) can be a real pain.


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  • Hi there, adventurer.
I agree that this would be a very welcome feature, Musicbee is the best music player by far, but this scrolling problem is pretty annoying. It forces you to hold the "alt" key, thus forcing you to use both hands just to navigate through your music library). And even with the "alt" key pressed, the scrolling speed is kind of fast. Musicbee is known to give its users A LOT of freedom so I don't really get it why not implement an option for this, it shouldn't be too hard, I think. I have no idea.


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For v3.4, you can configure the mouse wheel speed to the same as what it is when holding the alt key down