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playlist header
- in the playlist header, when auto-pick colours is disabled, then fg2 is now used (from the "MusicExplorerHeader" element)
- in the playlist header, bg2 from the MusicExplorerHeader element is now used
- in the playlist header, although fg2 is used, the "Edit Playlist" text is still slightly lightened
- in the music explorer header ("MusicExplorerHeader"), a gradient background colour (bg2) is now supported

new compact grid view
<element id="Content[AlbumAndTracks].GridHeaderSplitterLine" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
when grouping header is enabled
<element id="Content[AlbumAndTracks].GridTrackSplitterLine" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
the track splitter line is only used if there are no alternating row colours set (or the same)

side panel overrides
When supplied overrides Lyrics,Artist Biography and Track Info panels
<element id="ElementPanel.Default" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" bdr="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
<element id="ElementPanel.ScrollBarThumb" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" bg2="xxx,xxx,xxx" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" bdr="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
<element id="ElementPanel.ScrollBarBackground" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" bg2="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
<element id="ElementPanel.ScrollBar" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" bg2="xxx,xxx,xxx" bdr="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
<element id="ElementPanel.ScrollBar.Lowlight" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" bg2="xxx,xxx,xxx" bdr="xxx,xxx,xxx" />

queue numbers in the playing tracks list
<element id="NowPlayingList.SequenceInfo"  bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" fg2="xxx,xxx,xxx" bdr="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
note that fg2 is used for the "-" sign when a track is marked to be skipped

now playing node
when the Large Album view is used in the Now Playing panel:
<element id="Content[NowPlaying].ScrollBar" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" bdr="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
<element id="Content[NowPlaying].ScrollBar.Lowlight" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" bdr="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
<element id="Content[NowPlaying].ScrollBarThumb" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" bg2="xxx,xxx,xxx" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />

status bar
an additional override for when the status bar is on the bottom and the player is directly above it
<element id="Panel.StatusBarBelowPlayer.Default" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
<element id="Panel.StatusBarControlBelowPlayer.Default" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />

volume visualizer
<element id="VolumeVisualiserText" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />
text of volume visualizer

vertical tag editor
<element id="VerticalTagEditor" bg="xxx,xxx,xxx" fg="xxx,xxx,xxx" />

scrollbar slider shape
<element id="ScrollBarSliderSquare">true</element>
to make the corners of the scrollbar slider square rather than rounded

icon overrides
<element id="UnknownAlbumIcon">xxx</element>
for album image in thumbnail browser
<element id="UnknownGenre">xxx</element> (70px)
for genre image in thumbnail browser. If it's set, Controls.GenreThumb colors the genre icon in music explorer node.
<element id="DragIcon">xxx</element> (24x28px)
for drag and drop icon
<element id="AutoDjSettingsButton">xxx</element> (the MB one is 11x3px but it doesnt have to be the same size. Not for bitmap skins)
for opening Auto DJ settings with shuffle icon on the player

auto-colored player bar
all you need to do is set:
<element id="PlayerAutoColor">true</element>
here is a simple way to experiment with it without having to edit the original bitmap skin:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<root dependsOn="ThresholdLight.xmlc">
<element id="PlayerAutoColor">true</element>
<element id="WindowBorderWidth">0</element>
note your skin should use a single background colour and for volume button, progress bar, and progress button, MB will search for the skin background colour and make the parts of those controls with that colour transparent. For the progress and volume buttons, any parts that are not the button edge colour will be made transparent or semi transparent (this is needed to handle the type of buttons used in the threashold skin). If thats a problem for your skin let me know and i will add a setting to disable the behaviour

when the following is set, it will behave much closer to the contrasts used by standard skins
<element id="PlayerAutoColorUsingStandardSkinRules">true</element>
To explictly disable auto-colouring for your standard skin, use
<element id="PlayerAutoColor">false</element>
smoother progress bar movement for bitmap skins
fractional offsets using anti-aliasing which makes it smoother
<element id="PlayerProgressFractions">true</element>
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@Steven, why not merge this thread and New skin elements for 3.1 thread to your new elements thread?
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