Author Topic: No Default Option When Selecting "Sync Play Count from"  (Read 158 times)


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Not sure if this is an oversight or not, but feel free to move this to Wishlist if it's intended.

I set up a hotkey for "Sync Play Count from"  I'd expect a default option to be selected at this point (I'd prefer "Yes" if it matters) so the user could just hit "Enter" or "Tab->Enter" to select one of the options on the keyboard, but there's no default option set there so you have to go to the mouse and click one of them, which kind of defeats the purpose of a hotkey.  The only keyboard input accepted on that dialog box is escape to get rid of it.


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I am not sure I agree its a bug but i will move to the wishlist and look to implement a default option for the confirmation dialog

its such a simple change it will be in the next v3.3 patch update
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