Author Topic: Some kind of auto-locate feature for a playlist that's missing all its songs?  (Read 4466 times)


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By the way, if it's a new library and you don't care about things like play counts or date added that may be in the library right now, you can absolutely do it in Windows Explorer and then create a new library once everything is where you want it for your playlists.


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Have you tried editing the playlists to point to the correct location before importing them?  If it's a simple text replacement it shouldn't be too complicated a task.

In Notepad++


Find What: D:\Music
Replace with: D:\Music\Music
Replace All

Of course, if some of them already say D:\Music\Music you're going to wind up with some messed up entries and you're going to have to account for that. Maybe first a replacement from D:\Music\Music to D:\Music to get everything in the same state, and then the final replacement.  Logic it out.

The other option, maybe the easier one, is to move your music files from D:\Music\Music to D:\Music (with the rest of the structure in tact) from within Musicbee, and that way your library and your playlists will agree.

All the best!
Thank you so much for all your help here. I'm thinking of trying the second suggestion first, if it really is simpler. Just wanna make sure I'm getting what you're saying.
Do you mean I should highlight all the songs in my library within the MusicBee window, and drag them into the file explorer window to the D:\Music location?
Again, really appreciate the help, I fiddle with my PC way too much for someone who barely gets how it works.

I'm saying you should, from within musicbee, take all of the folders and move them up one level to the root of D:\Music.

I think you can probably accomplish this through the organization using D:\Music as a root folder and <Folder Name>\<Filename> as a template but don't quote me on that because it's very late here and I don't have time to test anything. Maybe preview using that and see if it gives the desired result of keeping everything else in tact.  It may just give you another level of folders.

I don't use dragging and dropping so maybe someone who does can advise whether it would work.

Whatever you do, don't do everything at once.  Test, check, test, small sample, etc.
I'm terribly sorry, what do you mean by "within musicbee"? I get the feeling we might be looking at different versions of the app, perhaps? When I'm looking at the music library, it's just artists and the songs I've got by them, I don't see any folders


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Please read that page, and also it wouldn't be a bad idea to spend time reading other pages at the wiki before continuing.  You need to have a handle on the basics of MB before trying to do complicated things like moving files en masse or it will not go well.