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Somehow half the mp3s that I know are encoded in v0 are shown as anywhere from v5 to v10. How does MusicBee check the encoding, and why would this  be the case? Using 3.3.7109 (latest at the time of the post).
Sample file:


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thanks for sending the file.
The quality setting on that file is being reported as per the "Xing" header set in the file. I compared it with the "mp3 diag" tool which is reporting the same value.
I have changed MB to not display the value when set to zero as is the case here
unzip and replace the existing musicbee files
you will need to rescan the relevant file(s)
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That works, thank you!
I understand that it has nothing to do with MusicBee, but are they being reported incorrectly because the metadata is corrupt/wrong? I re-encoded most of them myself with ffmpeg (which uses Lame) with something like
ffmpeg -i "file.flac" -c:v copy -q:a 0 "file.mp3"
Is there anything I can edit in the command so that newly re-encoded files are reported correctly?

Also sorry for the late reply, I just noticed this  :-[