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When you want to associate a soundtrack track/album to a movie for displaying correct movie backdrops, the only way to input is using artwork downloader dialog. But it has serious limitations and often requires a lot of manual work.

Currently it shows "<album>--<title>" template for an album with different album artist/artist assuming it's likely a compilation, and shows "<album>" template for an album with the same album artist/artist.
But the problem is actual soundtrack albums don't follow that rule and opposite cases are as common as the expected cases.

For instance, see the following screenshots:

The first one is a single OST album but it assumes it's a compilation since album artist differs from artist, and you have to enter the movie name "When Harry Met Sally..." for all tracks one by one. Some special editions have more than 100 tracks, and still you have to enter it all manually. If you later edit title or artist tag of the album, then you have to do all this again.

The second one is a compilation album, but since its album artist & artist are the same (Ennio Morricone) it doesn't show each track to enter different movie name. Then you have to use a wrong tag, like Various Artists for album artist to map each track to a different movie.

So my suggestions are

- Add an option to select either compilation or a single OST album. Then it forces the selected template disregarding its album artist/artist tags. Then you can enter a movie name only once for a single OST album, and enter a different movie name to each track for compilations.

- For compilation template, support "infer from title" feature. All compilations use different naming format and directly entering a movie name per track is a lot of work.
Then if a title is "Algeri 1 Novembre 1954 (Battle of Algiers)", you would just use a template of "(<movie>)" to input "Battle of Algiers".
For a title of "Scarface: Main Title", you would use "<movie>:". It would make the process a lot easier.

- Often MB shows backdrops of a different movie with the same movie name and there is no way to input this information. So allow to enter optionally IMDb ID when there are many movies with the same name.