Author Topic: No way to sort by album and tracks, tracks, album covers in Music Explorer?  (Read 965 times)


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I don't see a way to do this? In the "Music" view, you can change all of this, but in Music Explorer you cannot. What is the reason for this? I really like this feature when I sort by genre. Without it, I have to click on each artist, then each album. I'd rather see all the album covers at once.

I actually don't understand the point even having the "Music" tab. Music Explorer shows Top Tracks which can be toggled on or off. It also shows genres, years, similar artists, etc all in the main panel.


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Music Explorer is data pulled from external sources and cross-referenced to items that are in your library. As such, it's only available in a fixed format.

The Music tab is your library.  You can close it if you don't see a point to having it there.