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I'm new to MusicBee and use it to play files I have ripped to my local computer. My folder arrangements are Artist name\Album name where Album Name contains the song files.

I would like to add a web link to each "Album name" folder that will take me to the track listing and other details i.e. Discogs.
If necessary, I can manually define each link.



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Hé Shumann,

How about Edit/Edit preferences/Internet - custom web links?
Create a name and the link, something like '<artist>+<album>&type=all'
(haven't checked this, but this gives you an idea...)

Via Arrange panels/Track information (...)/show web links, you can also choose to make that link immediately available in the track information panel.

Does that help?

Full installer Version 3_3_7114
Portable Editon 3_2_7109
OS: Windows 10 Home Edition