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I'm not sure this is worth the effort, but I use Right-mouse "Queue Next" quite a bit. I like making spontaneous playlists like that, but ideally I want them to be temporary. Right now, when I add them with Queue Next, they are added with a little numbered, are played in the order, and then remain in the playlist afterwards. It essentially creates another copy of the track in the playlist.

Now, that's not really a problem, because you can reload the playlist just by browsing away from it and back again.

But this "problem" might be avoided if the track was deleted after it was played, leaving the original playlist intact, but still giving the ability to insert songs on-the-go.

Not a big idea, but one that I'd like to see. :)

Edit: Oh, and by playlist, I was talking about Now Playing list. When you add tracks like that, they're inserted there, and remain there. My idea is for them to be temporary. That's because mostly I'm quitting off MB and restarting and end up seeing the same Now Playing list from before, so I'm using it as a playlist (mostly).
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