Author Topic: convert music to wav 16 bit 44khz for CDJ 2000NXS  (Read 679 times)


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ok so this is very daft to ask. however i had the idea to use music-bee to convert for rekordbox for use with old pioneer decks.

i mostly collect and rip music in FLAC cd quality but sometimes, i would get hi res 24bit 96khz and have my vinyls ripped to hi res.

however, most old decks don't accept flac files (considering its 2017 and beyond and that's when i started djaying). so i did try some wav files which some did work and others have wav files which worked fine.

i had to manually convert things to mp3 which really lowered the qulity and doesnt sit right with me. so i know musicbee can convert music to certain formats which is what i have done. however im worried that the CDJ 2000NXS wont take the wav files some of which are in 24 96.

i have setup a virtual device which is folder on my music folder and that's where i import to rekordbox and any that are lossless are converted.

so how do i set music-bee to convert to wav but set the quality at 16bit 44 so that the decks will take them? FetLife vshare
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