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Maybe dumb question but is there a way to stream music files from my desktop PC via bluetooth to another device (eg. stereo, android phone).  I currently stream via wifi to wifi capable stereo receiver but Bluetooth would provide greater flexibility for streaming to non-wifi devices.  Thanks.


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APT-X is a must if audio fidelity is something you care about.  It's near lossless sounding bluetooth compression.  Any bluetooth transmission will be recompressed, though, and suffer from quality loss.

I don't do bluetooth much any more because I ran HDMI to my receivers, but I used to.

Here's the receiver I used (not an affiliate link or anything, just a product link).

Here's the transmitter I used (I don't have built-in bluetooth in my computer).  It used to be about half this price - I don't know what happened that it went up so dramatically:

There are other options out there, of course, these are just examples that I know work well together because I've used them together.

Of course, some computers and receivers have bluetooth built in. That's more convenient but you're at the mercy of whatever codec they support.  My receiver doesn't do APT-X.
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