Author Topic: Add Configurable Channel Count to "upmix stereo to 5.1" Option  (Read 262 times)


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The "upmix stereo to 5.1" option under "Player" is fantastic, however, as it only outputs 6 channels, side speakers are ignored. I can go into the settings file "MusicBee3Settings.ini" in AppData and set "PlayerUpmixChannelCount" to 8 instead of 6 and it will work perfectly, outputting 8 channels, meaning my side speakers are used as well as all other speakers, however if I ever change a setting in MusicBee again, it will reset to the default of 6, and I have to adjust the value in the config file again.

Obviously, everything is already there for the program to support outputting to more than just 6 channels, so it would be really great if there was either a dropdown box to select the number of channels to output to (ex: 2.1, 5.1, 7.1) or if there was simply a dialog box that allowed the input of a number of channels to output to. Either option would allow the desired functionality of outputting to all channels available on the audio device.

I am not sure how the interface is designed, but I think it would be fairly simple to make this option more configurable, and it would really  benefit anyone who has more than a 5.1 setup.

Thank you for the otherwise fantastic program!