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Keep info & tags from any deleted file (like filename, size, tags, how many times you listened, rating, ..).
My main reason is a better organization for "music collecting", e.g. you listen to some new music from friend or site or whatever, and you keep/download the tracks you like, but delete the others, but some other time you happen to listen to some new tracks, you might be listening to the same ones you discarded before.  With ghost files, you will know you have listened to it before and you save yourself time and headaches.
Other names to descibe this plugin: Tag Backup, Offline/virtual files/tracks..

I thought I'd make some people happy before being ready for a real beta or better, but ..
..this is an early "beta" release!
So backup your DBs often (more than the plugin already does itself) because it has never been tried by more than 2 people!

Ghost Tracks 0.0.409 (2013-08-25)

Extract the files to "Plugins" folder of your MusicBee Application folder.

  • Don't delete the ghost tracks themselves!
    For now there is no way to delete the ghost tracks in the sperarate DB. Muscbee thinks it is deleting something from your library and thus it does nothing. Although it appears to be gone, after a refresh it is back again.
  • Delete physical files (in your Musicbee library), but keep ghost track:
    For now, there is no integration with Musibee's delete itself. You'll have to work with a keyboard shortcut first.
    Check or enable: Preferences ] Plugins
    Add a shortcut for Delete (keep ghost file). (Tip: If you use a current delete shortcut and add a modifier key, you will get both at once. E.g. CTRL-SHIFT-DELETE will delete (musicbee) and ghostfile your track in one go; workaround I find time to implement the delete implementation)
    The delete integration however will not allow a bunch of files at once to be deleted without some possible slowing done or safety measures!
  • View ghost tracks:
    For now the tracks are only visible via "Computer ] Ghost Files"
  • Database backup
    The ghost tracks database has a backup scheme. You can find the db and its backups here: %appdata%\MusicBee\
    Note that the original db in the plugins folder is NOT the one used, but a clean one in case of other db problems.
Bugs, Comments & Feature requests
In this musicBee forum topic, please:
Or just tell me if you like it!

Development forum topic

Thanks Steven, boroda74 and all others that helped me!

A lot. Check the development forum topic. (Display in main library, search for it together with main library, delete integration, Delete ghost track itself..)
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