Author Topic: Please add "Edit" to the player-right-click menu  (Read 1567 times)


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When right-clicking on the player panel a menu with some useful options appears. What I miss is an entry "Edit" which opens the edit panel for the current song.

Currently it is a little bit inconvenient to open the edit panel for the currently playing song if the song entry is not visible in the library panel.  E.g. when shuffle mode is on and the current song is only seen in the "Now playing" panel but not in the library panel.



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First make sure you have the latest MB version, then look thru your settings , because like your other question MB can do everything you need it to do. and are asking about

I run windows XP and from your questions before if you are running win7 it possibly could be you need to run MB as Admin (but not sure) I've heard that before.
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