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Thanks redwing!

The screenshot below (left) shows the lyrics as they appear currently, and (right) after I run "\r\n" to replace all newline characters with "[NL]"

Any tips on what to do next?
The screenshot below (left) highlights the newline characters I want the syntax to remove, and (right) the end goal!

Most of the songs in my library have lyrics like this by default, so I'd be aiming to do it in bulk. But what would happen if I ran the syntax on files that had lyrics stored correctly? Would they then mess up, or would they not be affected by it because they don't have the additional line breaks to start with?


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Then try this with regex enabled for the both rules:

rule 1:
replace: none

rule 2:

Try with some test files first. Should be fine even if applied in bulk since the code will do no harm to correct ones.


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That has worked perfectly! Thank you so much.

For future reference (in case anyone else has this problem and finds this thread) the issue I had was definitely related to fetching lyrics from
Sorry I didn't do this earlier - but I just went to Preferences > Tags (2) and moved Genius down the list of lyrics providers, re-searched for lyrics and it fixed the issue too.

Redwing - your response was not a waste of time though, I really appreciate that and shall be using it regularly!


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Ha, I must sound like such a newbie to you lot! I was able to create an ASR preset to do this automatically, and leaving it checked means that I can leave Genius as the top lyric provider, and MB will automatically sort out the line breaks without me having to do anything anymore.

I'm falling more in love with MB every day ...   :-*


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Just be aware that if you run MSR presets with ASR command, it sometimes may not work properly depending on the preset code and tag values since the plugin has some bugs. I have reported the issue on the plugin thread.


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I agree the tag editor is not splitting text with lf seperators, and thats addressed now.
For the lyrics display, its intentional that 2 line breaks shows 1/3 of a line height. However I agree it is too small so i have changed it to span one full line
unzip and replace the existing musicbee files

Is there anyway to customize the line break height or is that baked-in?


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