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So I recently got a account and started scrobbling. I had a few issues, though, because I like to tag my songs in a particular way which isn't great for scrobbling. Thankfully I got around it thanks to MusicBee's capabilites with creating tags, but it's given me an unwanted side effect that I can't get rid of.

For context: whereas (generally) likes you tag your songs as 'Artist - Title (feat. Artist)', I prefer 'Artist feat. Artist - Title'. I used the Display Artist tag to make sure is getting the proper artist name, and I used the splitting feature to set up the artist tag how I like it. I've also created an extra tag called Display Title which is just the song name without features listed, and I use the standard title field (with features) for scrobbling. Then in the Artwork layout, I have it show my Display Title and underneath show my artist name [ ]. For example,

When I play that song, it scrobbles as 'Travis Scott - Up (feat. Casey Veggies)'. is happy and it looks how I want it to in my library. Win-win.

Problems arise, however, when the artist name and the album artist name don't match. I know by default in MusicBee that if your artist and album artist name differ, then the different artist names will appear below the song title, similar to my above picture, else nothing is shown at all. This causes as an issue for me, though, because it shows both the Display Artist tag AND my custom tag. For example,

As you can see, MusicBee is automatically adding the first "Metro Boomin & J Balvin" tag and the other "Metro Boomin" tags below because the album artist is just "Metro Boomin", but I don't need nor want it there since I have my custom tag right after. Is there no way I can just stop the default tag from rendering and only have it display mine?

I hope this makes sense, this is my first post and still quite new to MusicBee in general, but I'm happy go into further detail. I'm just a little confused as to why I can't solve this. Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: I've noticed I've over-complicated the tags a lot so I'm working on making that look much nicer. I don't think it'll fix my issue regardless though.
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