Author Topic: Fear of Updating  (Read 820 times)


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Well, I'm a little afraid to update to newest version of Musicbee in case it doesn't work out and I screw up somehow.  I am running airplay plugin and don't want to lose functionality.  This may sound a bit goofy but I have had problems before possibly because of less than optimal computer savvy.  Current installed version of Musicbee is working well.  Comments or guidance appreciated. :-\


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I always update to the patch releases because I'm neurotic like that, but if it's working for you the way you want it to and giving you all the features you want, why?


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Comments or guidance appreciated. :-\

If you want to see if the newest version offers some new functionality you would find useful, a zero-risk situation would be installing the PORTABLE version of the latest in its own folder, and playing around with it to your heart's content, deleting it if the answer is "no."

Like frankz  I apply every patch as soon as they come out and never had to back out of anything yet.  I do keep a recent backup (again, portable) in easy reach in case I get too exuberant trying new layouts and paint myself into a corner!