Author Topic: Multiple Hotkey Keyboard Shortcuts per Action  (Read 389 times)


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New to MusicBee! Really enjoy the UI and functionality, but as I was setting up, assigning keyboard shortcuts to ones I am familiar with, I found it couldn't assign multiple shortcut keys to the same action. This is a pretty common feature in all sorts of programs, let alone music players, so it makes sense to implement. It's a seemingly small feature, but adds a lot of functionality for many users. I found a handful of threads on this feature request already, but I figure the more threads there are for a feature the better chance it'll show up on the radar for implementation.


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Do you mean the hot keys that are located in preferences?

I just found them & you can assign them whatever you want by just clicking on what you want on your keyboard.

Maybe you found it already as this is over a year old, but someone said he's been using that for years.