Author Topic: Now Playing won't show correct order when shuffle  (Read 707 times)


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I am usually playing from within playlists. No matter if double clicking the whole playlist or a single song, either no matter if shuffle-mode is enabled initially or re-enabled while playing:

The "Now Playing"(?) ("Aktuelle Wiedergabe") panel will always show the order of the songs playlist. I want it to show the next songs based on the shuffle algorithm. I am pretty sure this worked, once before.

The shown order does not change when:
- re-enabling shuffle mode
- changing playlist song order by any column
- right clicking "now playing" panel -> List -> Refresh order

What works is right clicking the panel -> List -> random order
but to me, this seem to be a useless feature.

I searched the settings without success. Since MusicBee is somewhat of a complex (epic) peace of software, I am pretty sure it IS possible to have the song order shown by what is playing no matter if it's based on shuffle or any specific order.

SideNote: The song order is correct when disabling shuffle mode, no matter which sorting I have in the playlist - it's correct.

Q: How to have "now playing" show the correct song order in shuffle-mode?



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Set the view to "Upcoming Tracks" or turn off shuffle mode and play the playlist by right click->Play shuffled

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