Author Topic: Playlist exported to linux share - backslash problem  (Read 2870 times)


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this is a small problem which may be related to my special configuration, but hopefully it can be implemented anyhow.

After organizing and tagging my whole collection, I'm using MB now mainly for playlist creation.

I'm running an mpd server on linux which cannot cope with the windows style backslashes in exported playlists (MB and mpd are using the same samba share for music files and playlists). I'm already changing the absolute (windows) pathes by relative ones using the "map base file path in exported playlists", but what I would also need is to replace the backslash " \ " by a slash " / ".

Maybe an additional option in the preferences dialog...?

Thank youvery much in advance


Tina Russell

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This has become a big problem for me synching my MusicBee playlists onto my Android phone! VLC for Android (and other Android music players, I suspect) doesn't recognize paths with backslashes, and every kludge fix I've tried just gives me more errors and headaches. The global preferences for exporting playlists _does_ have a "use unix path convention (/)" option (under "Edit preferences", "Library"), so the functionality is clearly there in the backend, but this option doesn't appear in the settings for synching files/playlists to a mobile device. Please please please add this!! Thank you!