Author Topic: Enhanced Genre hierarchy list  (Read 19106 times)


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… so let me insist and introduce the new Electronic sub-genre synthwave like this:

      Synthwave · Vaporwave
            Minimal synth::genre

I find quite a few things in this proposal problematic:

     - Neither Cyberpunk nor Outrun are acknowledged as music genres by the known genre providers. 
     - Vaporware is quite a unique genre, so I don't think it can go under any genre category other than Electronic. And having a category for a single genre does not make much sense. 
     - Darksynth these days seems mostly to be considered a genre on its own, not a subgenre of Synthwave. 
       So they should be side-by-side, not one above the other. 
     - Spacesynth is more related to Space disco/Synthpop/EDM. 
       And it is from the 80's, so it seems very weird to place it under the Synthwave genre that is from around 2006/2007. 
     - The same goes for Minimal synth, which is even older, dating back to the 70's. 
       It's also closer related to Synthpop and Minimal wave than to Synthwave. 

So I will not make these changes.