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If you like Latin American music of various types, the streams at "Miled Music" radio will probably appeal to you!  In addition to a full range of that genre, this playlist also includes "traditional" ones like pop, classical, rock, trance, punk, soul, ska, etc.  These are all 256k, 48kHz MP3 streams that send track metadata.  The *.m3u8 is from June 2018 but so far I haven't found a dead entry in the 111.  Credit goes to "Danfocus" from the public AIMP forum.  Copy into a text file and save as a *.m3u8 and you're ready to load it into MusicBee:

#PLAYLIST:Miled Music
#EXTINF:-1,Antonio Badu
#EXTINF:-1,Armando Manzanero
#EXTINF:-1,Bossa Nova
#EXTINF:-1,Buena Vista Social Club
#EXTINF:-1,Carlos Gardel
#EXTINF:-1,Classic Rock
#EXTINF:-1,Drum and Bass
#EXTINF:-1,Electro House
#EXTINF:-1,Elvis Presley
#EXTINF:-1,Enrique Batiz
#EXTINF:-1,Fiesta Mexicana
#EXTINF:-1,Grandes Bandas
#EXTINF:-1,Hard Rock
#EXTINF:-1,Heavy Metal
#EXTINF:-1,Indie Rock
#EXTINF:-1,Javier Solis
#EXTINF:-1,Jorge Muñiz
#EXTINF:-1,Jorge Negrete
#EXTINF:-1,José Alfredo Jiménez
#EXTINF:-1,José José
#EXTINF:-1,Juan Gabriel
#EXTINF:-1,Julio, Camilo y Rafael
#EXTINF:-1,Las Sonoras
#EXTINF:-1,Los 4 Hermanos Silva
#EXTINF:-1,Los Hermanos Castro
#EXTINF:-1,Los Hermanos Martinez Gil
#EXTINF:-1,Manuel José
#EXTINF:-1,Marco Antonio Muñiz
#EXTINF:-1,Marco Antonio Solís
#EXTINF:-1,Miguel Aceves Mejia
#EXTINF:-1,Mijares & Emmanuel
#EXTINF:-1,New Age
#EXTINF:-1,Oscar Frank
#EXTINF:-1,Pedro Infante
#EXTINF:-1,Rat Pack
#EXTINF:-1,Regional Mexicano
#EXTINF:-1,Rhythm and Blues
#EXTINF:-1,Rock en Español
#EXTINF:-1,Sonora Matancera & Santanera
#EXTINF:-1,Summer Dance Party
#EXTINF:-1,The Beatles
#EXTINF:-1,Vicente Fernández
#EXTINF:-1,WHM Mexico
#EXTINF:-1,World Music
#EXTINF:-1,Éxitos en Inglés
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I don't listen to much internet radio, so I don't have any recommendations. But I did like 'radio garden' when I played with it:


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A good addition to a Chillout list is Jamendo Lounge, playing a selection of tracks from the Jamendo Music website collection of indies that give it away free on the Creative Commons license scheme:

Fans of retro-psych will eventually hear something they like at Sochi Lounge Dream--peace, man  8) :  (<-new link as of 10/01/2019)
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Just to keep the info together, you should check out my post linked below to help you find radio streams you might enjoy using several extensive web directories:


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Basic trance, seems mostly vocal, slower paced than most of the genre, 320k mp3 with metadata:

Nu Euphoria


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A couple of just-found HQ Classical music streams, both 320k mp3 with track metadata:

Linn Classical

Audiophile Classical


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Just noticed that Radio Caprice, the mega-genre station with now 434 separate streams, has doubled their nominal bitrate from 48k AAC+ to 96k AAC+, with a noticeable increase in sound quality.  These streams all send track/title metadata, which will now be viewable since MusicBee version 3.3.7232 (apply the latest patch!) .  I've uploaded the m3u8 in a zip here as it was too long to include in-line as code::


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Just in time for the New Year!  JB-Radio 2 in Canada, purveyor of ad-free Indie rock/alternative music, has added a nice 512k Opus stream which not only sends artist/track metadata but the ALBUM title as well:

Their 320k MP3 stream which only sends artist/track, is now here:

Their FLAC stream, which sends NO metadata but has a 96kHz sampling rate at around 1900 kbs, is still at:

And I wish a Happy New Year 2020 to one and all!


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Sector Radio has changed its FLAC stream links to a new root:

"Next" (90s, Dance, Pop, Rap, Eurodance, R&B, Ballade):

"Progressive" (Progressive, Electronic, Trance):

"Space" (Traditional electronic, Berlin school, New age, Tracker):

"Nota" (Classical, Neoclassical, Epic):

None of their FLAC streams unfortunately send track metadata, only the OGG ones do for some reason; to hear those, change the "flac" to "160" in the links above.  The OGG streams are at 192kbs.


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Thanks for the links. Here are some synthwave: (160k with metadata) -

Nightride.FM (320k no metadata) -


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Thank YOU diego for posting a couple of yours, was starting to feel like a one-man band around here, haha.  BTW, I couldn't get the Nightride link to open in MusicBee, or other players (Foobar, AIMP);  throws a network authentication error.  Does open and play in a web browser though.


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That's weird, try changing the link to .mp3 or .ogg instead.
The .ogg link shows a bit of metadata too (artist and track together on the track name, better than nothing i guess)

Edit: more radios from the guys behind Nightride: - DNB/EDM - Lo-Fi/Hiphop - 1930's Jazz
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No dice here with MusicBee, "Can't connect to this URL."  Foobar says "Network authentication error (80090326)."  Some info found Googling that error:

This error translates to "The message received was unexpected or badly formatted."

    Possible Solutions
    This error may also happen if the server and client don't posses a common supported cipher suite.  Setting UseInternalSecurityAPI to true may help with this error as it supports many newer protocols not supported on older systems.
    Client authentication is required. Ensure that you are loading the certificate correctly.
    The server does not support the SSL Client Hello version being used. Set the SSLEnabledProtocols configuration setting to an appropriate value.
    The server does not support SSL session re-use. You can disable this by setting the ReuseSSLSession and/or ReuseSSLSessionInDI configuration setting to false.
    The server returns SSL handshake packets larger than 16K. This is a CryptoAPI limitation. "

More here:

So apparently my Firefox 72 is sending the correct handshake (the browser DOES play the links), but not MusicBee/Foobar.  I am running Windows 7SP1 with TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 enabled.  Perhaps the server requires a User Agent ID that Firefox satisfies?  Unfortunately I am NOT a network guru so that's the extent of my own troubleshooting, but if anyone else can provide an answer that would be welcome!  Thanks diego for the extra info, can others with MusicBee play these links?


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That's weird, try changing the link to .mp3 or .ogg instead.
The .ogg link shows a bit of metadata too (artist and track together on the track name, better than nothing i guess)

Edit: more radios from the guys behind Nightride: - DNB/EDM - Lo-Fi/Hiphop - 1930's Jazz

Try this: - DNB/EDM - Lo-Fi/Hiphop - 1930's Jazz
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