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UPDATE - Got home tonight and MB is not seeing BubbleUPnP
Realized then I cannot open the Bubbleupnp UI???
"The site cannot be reached" is what Chrome tells me.....yet I've opened it fine more than once before?
Not sure what I did...rebooted that didn't work and then i started looking at the some of the shortcuts and it said something about not pointing to javaw.exe or something like that windows found a similar whatever and I said ok fix it.  That still didn't work yet when i clicked my desktop shortcut once again it magically worked.
That sounds like the NAS and/or the tablet changed IP addresses at some point: it typically takes Windows awhile to catch on and reconnect all the network resources. I had this problem and solved it by setting the NAS and my main MB client laptop to static IP instead of DHCP. FYI, that's also a useful hack if you have an older networked printer that won't stay connected.


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I know this thread is a little stale, but I thought I should add what I have found so far to be absolutely the simplest and best solution to playing my music in the house from my NAS DLNA server.  

I tried BubbleUpnp and many other players, and generally hated them all.  Plex is just vile, and I refuse to ever test it again.

But what I found that is sooo easy is the Hi-Fi Cast app on Android.  This DLNA player works seamlessly with my DLNA servers (both on a Seagate NAS and Netgear ReadyNAS), and the best thing is that it immediately makes a connection to either my ChromeCast Audio device or my LinkPlayer wireless receiver at my main stereo.

The IDER LinkPlayer receiver I have uses many different wireless protocols - I use the TuneBlade app to send MusicBee audio wirelessly from my computer to the LinkPlayer Airplay receiver, but I am not sure what protocol Hi-Fi Cast is using (nor do I care - it just works!).  The IDER model that I have is no longer available, but there are numerous other options available, several for under $40.  The YunListen or AudioCast receivers seem very similar.

Hi-Fi Cast is about the only thing that has both a simple, clean and functional interface AND works perfectly with BOTH ChromeCast Audio and a LinkPlayer wifi receiver.

One last very simple option for streaming from a DLNA server with a computer running W10 is to just select the DLNA device in file explorer and right click on whatever you want to play then select "Cast to Device".  Of course, this requires that you have a compatible receiver on your network - it does not work with ChromeCast, but it DOES work perfectly with a LinkPlayer wifi receiver (probably because the LinkPlayer has a built-in DLNA player) - no other software is necessary.
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Hi all -
You'll quickly see that I know little of what I'm talking about but I promise I'm trying to understand, every day!  Kind of ready to rip my hair out with confusion though :)

So I recently set up a synology NAS - put plex on that and my android phone and I also got a chromecast audio that I can stream easily to.
Thing is I never sit at my PC, so the interface (controller) I'll be using in the living room is my phone or rather, a future tablet purchase.  The problem I'm having is that plex just doesn't have the look and feel i'm going for. 

The dream would be to have MB on a tablet and be able to stream directly from NAS to chromecast - but I see this isn't so easy (if not impossible because I don't understand how the various software interact).  I'm well confused about renderer, controller, library etc.  I know there is the UPnP trick to be able to stream to my chromecast - but would that be a direct NAS to chromecast stream??  Or would it be first going through my tablet and then to the chromecast?  And would I actually be using MB on the tablet or would I have to use the UPnP interface?  Managing my music is one thing - but the issue I'm coming with today is the ability to use it as my player.

I see there is a subsonic plugin, and subsonic supports chromecast.....but I'm still getting the impression that on the tablet I would have to use Dsub or some kind of subsonic related app rather than musicbee itself?

Putting chromecast aside, is there any solution out there that would match my desire here?  To be able to pick up a tablet and use musicbee as my player that will stream content direct from NAS to my receiver?

Thanks much for reading my woahs here.
Very sensitive topic as music means so so much to me.  Just want to get this right and start looking forward to pure enjoyment :)

What OS is running on the NAS?  I stream all day long to MB simply by mounting the Linux drive where my music library is via Samba.  No need for all the mucking around with Plex.  Streaming directly over Samba works just fine.  I am have other probs with MB but accessing the content over the LAN isn't one of them.