Author Topic: Android music players similar to Musicbee?  (Read 179 times)


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I've been using a NW-A105 Walkman for some time now and I've usually stuck to the built-in music player. It's not bad, but it's a little basic. I started to branch out and look for other players to make my main. The one I spent the most time on is Poweramp, which I see recommended in a lot of circles. It's pretty good, but I'm kind of an obsessive person when it comes to the way I tag. What I mostly don't like is that Poweramp doesn't support sorting by release dates beyond just the year; and that's a big part of my library.

I'm mostly looking for players everyone else uses that might be similar to Musicbee. Something I would really like from my ideal player is multiple artists/genres support, the aforementioned release date/"sort album" sorting, and maybe support for the "DISPLAY ARTIST" tag. The "DISPLAY ARTIST" one is probably the most important to me since I want to keep featured artists on the tracks. Poweramp will just display it as "Artist 1; Artist 2", which is beyond irritating.

I know what I'm asking for might be a long shot, but I'm still fairly new to Android music apps, so maybe there's something out there that'll fit my arbitrary criteria  :)
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Please do not double-post. You posted the same thing yesterday.

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