Author Topic: Samsung S21 New Device Each Time I Sync  (Read 41 times)


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Hello - It seems that every time I wish to update my library sync to my S21, MB sees it as a new device.
At this point I have three SM-G991U.
That in and of itself would not be a problem... I can configure it and sync to it fine.
The problem comes in that it does not recognize the music that is already in existence on the phone, and it starts over converting and recopying everything.
Which with my library, is a multi-day process.
I have gone to great pains to make sure the device configuration is the same as the last one that I used that MB recognized, but to no avail.
I wish I had to a way to know what it making MB think it needs to replace all the existing files, and only update what is missing.
Any ideas appreciated.