Author Topic: CD Rip to AIFF - error message  (Read 827 times)


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Hi, I am trying to rip a cd to AIFF but keep getting an error message that says something like "Encoding fail value cannot be null"

Having looked in the file converters section in preferences it seems as though aiff encoder is not there. Can someone please tell me how this can be downloaded as I have searched google but can't find an aiff codec.



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My first question would be, why not rip to FLAC, which is also lossless, creates much smaller file sizes, is tag-friendly, and has an easy-to-find encoder?

As far as YOUR question, I've heard that Foobar can rip to AIFF (via ffmpeg?), but as far as what you would need for MusicBee I'm afraid I can't help.


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Looking at the MusicBee Configuration file, I'd guess that Aiff encoding is no longer native to Windows since Steven wrote that section of the file.

I guess you will have to wait for him to fix it.

I have posted this to the bugs sub-forum.
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