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hello musicbee forum,

i just downloaded  music bee.

the import did not work nicely. it gives me singles in the display on some albums, rather than an album list.

also it imports mpeg files but list them as 0:00.

I uninstalled and was going to try and do another import.

when i opened it again it just automatically imported what I had before.

how can I delete all imports and start over



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Hi, welcome to the forum!

Either you can just delete the imported tracks (from library only), or you can find and delete the .mbl file, which will force MusicBee to recreate it on next start.

Before you do that, though, I suggest you read "Why are tracks from the same album shown separately in my library?" in the FAQ.

Regarding the mpeg files, I don't know how MusicBee normally handles them. Maybe someone else can comment on support for video files.
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