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Thank you very much for your software. Former MediaMonkey user, I liked the automatic playlist creation function.
I switched to MusicBee because it was much faster and more ergonomic than MediaMonkey. My only regret is the loss of the automatic playlist creation. It would be interesting if MusicBee could integrate this function. When new music is detected by MusicBee, it could create automatic playlists with a name on the date the music was imported.


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MB has auto-playlists that will automatically add tracks to the playlist based on the criteria you specify in the playlist's rules. But it will not -create- a new auto-playlist from scratch.

You could set up an auto-playlist with a rule specifying tracks with a date added in the last x number of hours/days/weeks/months. Play around with an auto-playlist and see if it comes close to what you want.

Also scroll to the bottom part of this link to playlists on the wiki to find auto-playlists:
The latest MusicBee v3.2 patch is here.
The latest MusicBee v3.3 BETA patch is here.
Download & unzip into your MusicBee directory, overwriting existing files.