Author Topic: Making a genre map to two genre categories?  (Read 705 times)


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When you tag a song with a genre it maps it to a genre category but I have a genre that I want mapped to two genre categories and I don't see any tag option to actually let you choose what genre category a song belongs to. I see in edit preferences under tags (2) and you can categorize group genres. I am trying to get a song tagged with americana in the genre section to appear in the genre categories country and folk. I tried going to the preferences in the categorize group genres and adding americana to folk genre category as well and it says it's mapped to both folk and country but when I'm looking at genre categories in the left panel only country genre category appears for songs labeled americana. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Is there any way to manually add a song to a genre category without having to add a genre that mapped to that specific genre category you want?


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genre category is not a tag, so you cant assign it to a track, only to genre. I doubt that Steven will change this and as for me I don't want this change.

its a bug if its possible to map genre to 2 genre categories in UI. if you want this functionality (which can make sense) then you should post request on Wishlist board.