Author Topic: Changing the name of SD card causing Syncing issues  (Read 3957 times)


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I looked and haven't found a similar issue. This has happened to me in the past but my workaround doesn't seem to work. I just updated to the newest MB today to see if that helped as well.

Basically, I have an SD card that was formatted and Synced to MB last night. Then today, I changed the name from SANDISK256 to a name I would remember (changed this in Windows Properties). Now, MB won't sync to it. I read the instructions on how to edit the MB ini file in the Roaming folder to manually rename the Device and Device ID, but this also has not worked (this worked for me last time too).

I have tried: deleting the .mbl and .dat file for the old name of the device, deleted the .bak setting file (which I assume is a temp file?) and also restarted MB.

What happens now, is MB recognizes it as a "new" device, but when I click Sync, it is stuck at "Scanning Device" and makes no progress. After I gave up, I decided to leave it there for a while to see if maybe it takes it a while since it is 256GB, but it has been close to an hour. I know I am close but just have to be missing something. I can post my settings files or the Device part of the code to see if there are any ideas.

I also did delete the old Devices from the .ini file after renaming it, hoping that MB would start fresh. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

Also, this is not an MTP device or a phone, just a normal SD card.