Author Topic: What is the purpose of the grouping tag?  (Read 6096 times)


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I'm just wondering if someone could tell me what the intention of the grouping tag is? I couldn't find anywhere what sort of information you're supposed to put in the field when you're editing a song and you see this grouping tag in the tag tab.


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though its standard id3 tag, I think its up to you how to use it. I would treat this tag as some predefined pseudo-custom tag.


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Grouping is formally only meant to be used for subtitles/subsets/sections of works/albums, but in practice Boroda is correct - it is very useful as a pseudo-custom tag for a multitude of things. If you use the grouping tag, consider using sub-headers (added way back in response to a request (by me amongst many others) to be able to show sub-titles, disc numbers and the like in album and tracks view). This really unlocks the potential of it (see Bee-liever's guide to help you on this matter).
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