Author Topic: Musicbee icon not showing when pinned to taskbar on desktop  (Read 1485 times)


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I downloaded the 3.3 version of Musicbee and I have it pinned to my taskbar on my desktop but it's not the bee icon it's just a blank page. However if you click on the little up arrow towards the right of the taskbar which displays hidden icons for programs that are running it the icon appears as it should. I've had an older version of musicbee on my laptop for a while and never had this problem. Is there any solution to this problem? Please and thank you

PS. I tried uninstalling and installing again but it's still not fixed although I did notice when pop-up messages appeared for the installation the bee icon was in the taskbar briefly so I'm really confused why it won't appear as the bee icon when I pin it :(
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A blank task bar icon usually happens when the file it was pointed to has either been uninstalled or is now located on another path.  It can also happen when the icon has changed design due to an updated file and the icon cache hasn't picked up on it.

Just right-click the blank icon and choose "unpin from taskbar."  I would also remove the "hidden" one too just to be sure you're starting clean.  Then, simply locate the MusicBee.exe file wherever you installed 3.3, right-click it, and choose "create shortcut" (NOT "pin to taskbar").  Then,  after maybe renaming the shortcut to something friendlier like "MusicBee 3.3", right-click the shortcut you made and choose "Pin to taskbar."  Done.