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<< Rewind & Forward >> Some Seconds (sp. in Podcasts)


I just found out about MusicBee yesterday. I imported my 140 subscriptions (needed a tiny edit in xml) to MusicBee. I love it. Thanks to the dev.

Most Podcast players, and audio book players, have buttons to go back & forth a number of seconds. Such as 10 seconds or 20 or 30. Usually the user can set this time parameter, in most apps.


1) Can we have these 2? So the bottom panel will look like:

¦<<    <<      ¦>     >>      >>¦


2) Can we customize the number of seconds (same parameter for both)?


3) Can we assign keyboard shortcuts too like many apps let us?

If not assigning the left arrow key ( < ) and right arrow key ( > ) would be great as they are standard.
Would be nice to assign space-bar key to play/pause too.


Musicbee has become my favorite podcast player already. Podcasts are a booming industry recently. Many good media content providers are also now generating content. I think more podcast standard features will boost the awareness for MusicBee too as PR device.

Thanks again.
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Edit->Edit Preferences->Hotkeys has settings available for Skip Back / Forward 1 minute and Skip Back or Forward 5 Minutes if that helps get you closer to what you want while your wishlist is out here.


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Thanks frankz,

I set the two hotkeys but they are not functioning. I also tried enabling them as global (applies in all Windows, not working elsewhere) but still not working. I tried moving the focus to bottom panel and seekbar too. Also several relaunches. It has 5secs options too.

The seekbar animation flickers when I use the assigned hotkey (< left arrow key & right >) so it is registering.

If they could be made to work
15 seconds and 30 seconds could be added as options, would be great.

Thanks again.


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* So I rebooted the laptop (Win 10 Pro, latest updates, brand new Dell XPS 13 i7-16gb ultrabook) and assigned 2 keys, instead of arrow keys, C & V. Skip started working. I assumed arrow keys might not be assignable.

* I assigned & tried the arrow keys, they worked too now. So problem seems to be fixed by rebooting.

* I had problems with resume position & play on relaunch set in preferences, didn't work before. So I went to the middle of a podcast and relaunched. Resume playback & position prefs both work now too.

Lesson, if people are having problems after changing settings, not taking effect, reboot windows!


+ Would be good to have the 2 skip buttons per OP request << & >>

+ Good to have 2 new Hotkey options for Skip (back & Forth): 15 seconds + 30 Seconds
Because  the current two options: 5-seconds is too short and 1-minute is too long, for Podcasts & Audio books.

I assigned the spacebar to MediaPlayPause too. It was a global setting but the Dell XPS 13 play/pause button (Fn + F5) still seems to work on other media players.

Thanks again to frankz & the dev.
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It's not exactly what I was suggested hereinafter, but it goes in the same direction:

Many (hardware) CD audio players offer combined keys for seek forward/backward and jump to next/previous track.

- pressing short will jump to next/previous track instantly
- pressing longer than 1 sec will start to continuous seeking the track in steps of ~1 sec or in bigger steps when holding down longer, until the key is released

It would be awesome if this functionality could be provided in the MB hotkey list and ALSO for the skip buttons on the MB GUI.
It would alow to seek and jumping tracks with the SAME skip-track mediakeys/hotkeys just by vary the hold down time.

Control SEEKING via dedicated media keys would working perfectly therefore.

So the GUI Buttons should change like this   ◄◄  >>  ▐◄◄   and    ►►  >>  ►►▌.

My understanding - and I would say it's common standard - of the seek/skip symbols is as follows:

►► dedicated seek forward (contrary to the "common standard" per default MB uses this symbol for skip fw)
►▌ dedicated skip forward
►►▌ combined seek & skip forward I suggest using this symbol and provide above described funtionality.

◄◄ dedicated seek backward (contrary to the "common standard" per default MB uses this symbol for skip bw)
▐◄ dedicated skip backward
▐◄◄ combined seek & skip backward I suggest using this symbol and provide above described funtionality.

In case of nobody can understand what I mean - just remember to your old (sony) discman and how you've did searching a specific position in a track or just acoustically "scan" them quickly - without a mouse ;)

The original thread can be found here:

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Some further thoughts. The player controls, there are some structural issues WRT current UI/UX standards.

On our physical mp3 players and most software media players:

* When we press the skip back or forth ( ¦<<  or  >>¦ )
  - Media skips back/forth to the beginning/end of current track

With current MusicBee, the skip back skips to previous podcast, not beginning of current track as is norm.  Understandable, if not ideal, since there is no skip within track options. My suggestion in this thread would fix that.

Some media or mp3 players are even better than the norm. There 4 additional controls. Some offer all 4.
1* Skip back: skip within track (either some chunk of time or to beginning of current track)

2* If within a section at the start of a track (say within the first 30 seconds) and pressed (again or just only press), they then skip to previous track

3* Some let the user skip in real time while keeping the button pressed and stop skipping when button is released

4* Some increrase the rate of skipping (momentum), the longer the skip back/forth button is pressed

I am not asking for all 4 features. In fact I am asking for none. I am asking for a feature in this thread that would at least give some skip option within current track.

Currently there is no skip buttons/icons for within track skip/control.


SKIP 5secs & 1min HotKey Options:

Adding the << & >> skip within track as suggested here, would bring the usual expected functions to MusicBee, if not all the above goodies, at least the basics.

But this is a major feature change. Only the dev knows how much work it involves.

Adding the options to skip back/forth 15 seconds and 30 seconds in HotKeys, should be fairly easy to implement.

Because for podcasts/audio books when skip back/forth is often used with keyboard shortcuts, 5 seconds is too short and 1 minute is too long. 

These skip shortcuts are the most used by people listening to spoken audio files, as opposed to music, as many of us know.

Thanks again.
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probably this plugin:

could evolve in future to satisfy these requests (it should be very easy for developer).


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For the next v3.4 update I have added hotkeys for skip forward/back 20 seconds