Author Topic: Playback failure for some unicode file paths  (Read 50 times)


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Hi, I've just installed MusicBee and added some music to the library and run into a bug: for some folder paths, adding to the library works ok, but playback fails.

- I've added this cue file to the MusicBee library: "E:\Music\Videogame & Anime Soundtracks\Le recueil des faits improbables de Ryoko Yakushiji\薬師寺涼子の怪奇事件簿 1 Le recueil des faits improbables de Ryoko Yakushiji 1\CDImage.tak.jpn.utf8.cue"
- the album shows up in MusicBee
- now, try to play any track in the album
-> an error dialog shows, saying "Unable to open file". There is no additional information in the error log. Using ProcessMon, I notice that MusicBee tries to access an invalid file path:

However, if I copy the folder somewhere else, like to my C:\Users\...\Music folder, then playback works:

Foobar2000 has no problem playing the files in their original location. There is no issue accessing the files in their original location in Windows explorer, or opening the cue file in Notepad, or anything else. It's only MusicBee that fails, and by the looks of it it's a character encoding issue. In the ProcessMon log it can be seen that MusicBee does address the location of the tak file properly first, before it tries to access it using a corrupted file path string later.


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could you send me a link to the cuesheet file as i cant reproduce this issue