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While the vast majority of my lyrics searches in MusicBee find success using the indispensable "Lyrics Reloaded (Updated)" plugin, some more obscure metal/goth/darkfolk stuff can be a problem.  The "Metal Archives" site ( in addition to comprehensive discographies also has lyrics for most of the entries and I have had good luck picking up most of my "strays" from there.  The site's lyrics display relies on calling a javascript window that seems incompatible with successful integration into the MB Lyrics Reloaded plugin, but can be found relatively easily with adding a Custom Web Link to MusicBee (Prefs/Internet/custom web links).

This search string added to custom web links (named whatever) will do a artist/title search at Metal Archives from the MusicBee track information display:

If the song is found and lyrics exist the website will show a "Lyrics" button to the right of the song search results, which when clicked will open a lyrics display window.  Then you can select/copy the lyrics, and paste them directly into your file by opening the MusicBee lyrics display window, right-clicking it, and choosing "Paste Clipboard Lyrics into Music File." Afterwards you can do any editing you need via the usual "Edit Displayed Lyrics" choice within MusicBee.