Author Topic: iTunes music split into mutilple albums  (Read 506 times)


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I'm new to musicbee and I am just starting to build a library with MusicBee. When I download iTunes albums, some show as multiple albums with the same cover artwork but only some of the tracks from the original purchased albums. All of the tracks are there in the total count of all the albums. Is there any way  to combine all the tracks into one album so they play as a single entity?


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Two Ways:
1. Go to Edit->Edit Preferences->Sorting/Grouping...grouping and the option according to how your files are organized (files for each album are organized in their own folder) or tagged.


2. Go to Edit->Edit Preferences->Sorting/Grouping...grouping and see how it's already set, then make sure your files are organized or tagged according to those settings.  In other words, if you have "Album" and "Album Artist" selected, then the Album name and Album Artist must be the same in all the files for them to be grouped together. Use "Various Artists" or similar for Various Artist albums.

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