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Not sure about this, so I thought I'd ask.

(BTW, I got to this from the review on How-to-Geek)

I use my iTunes to charge up my iPod Shuffle.

I have an adapter and plug it in to my USB port and the little flashng yellow light goes steady, indicating it's taking a charge.

I tried this just using the USB port alone, WITHOUT FIRING UP iTUNES, but the yellow light stayed flashing, indicating the thing wasn't charging.  When I fired up iTUNES, then it would start charging.

So it seems as though I have to have iTUNES running for the thing to charge.

I was wondering if MusicBee is capable of performing the charge on my iPOD Shuffle just like iTUNES was.

I'd like to get iTUNES off my machine, and MusicBee seems like a good alternative, but if it won't charge my iPOD Shuffle, that would be a deal breaker (that is, if I'm right about how the charging works with the software . . . if I'm doing it wrong, then please instruct, but this is how Ive found it to be).



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i have an iPod nano and dont need iTunes to charge it, and its the first i have heard about needing iTunes to perform the charging - however i cant speak with authority about your shuffle. I certainly dont do anything special in MusicBee to support such a thing, so if it is true about iTunes for your shuffle then i dont think MusicBee will help you. I suggest you do a google search to find more info.


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You may want to broadcast this solution to your members here on this forum that have iPOD Shuffles, though it doesn't look like you have stickies here so I don't know how you would do that.

The iPOD Shuffle DOES in fact seem to require iTUNES in order to charge, as detailed in this blog:  That blog details EXACTLY what I was talking about.  I highly recommend anyone with an iPOD Shuffle read this.

HOWEVER, burried about two thirds of the way down in the comments section, is a solution by "BriGuy", and then repeated by "Shisnick" about halfway down.

I tried it, and that solution did in fact WORK FOR ME!!!!

Here it is again (I've added a few items from my own experience with it):

1. Plug the iPOD USB adapter into a USB port.
2. Mount the iPOD in the adapter.
3. Open “My Computer”
4. Find the Shuffle under “Devices with Removable Storage”
5. Right-Click on it and choose Eject.
6. The iPOD Shuffle should now show a solid light. (Red, Orange, or Green depending on it’s current charge.)

So I was able to get iTUNES off my machine and am now a happy camper with MusicBee.

While I did encounter a few glitches in removing iTUNES, I've recovered.   I will detail those "glitches" in another post, so that anyone attempting the same thing can benefit from my mistakes.  That post is titled "Details of iTUNES removal".