Author Topic: Album artwork, track artwork, and getting each to display properly.  (Read 3134 times)


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First, let me preface this by saying I've done a bit of searching and research through the forums but haven't been able to find anything that addresses this. Also, Steven, if you're reading this, Musicbee is one of the best programs I've ever used in my life. Well done.

I'm having an issue with displaying album artwork in the main panel, and displaying individual track artwork in the right sidebar. Here's an example of the track artwork.

The only problem is that the artwork for the first track is automatically displayed as the album artwork, and whenever I try to set the album artwork, it overrides the track artwork and none of it is displayed anywhere in the right sidebar. I've tried using the artwork manager under "Tools>Album>Album Artwork Manger..." and setting the album art picture type as "Album Artwork", and embedding the track artwork and setting it as "Illustration", but then Musicbee only displays the album artwork in all fields. I've tried just linking the album art to a specific file, not embedded, and embedding the track art into each individual track file, but it's still the same result: Musicbee will only either display the album art for the album and each track, overriding the track art display in the right sidebar, or it will display the first track's art as also the album art. I've also tried setting one or the other as the primary picture, but it's always either of the two results.

Here's another screenshot to display how I've set things up in the "Album Artwork Manager":

I only have two albums in my collection that have artwork for each track (Ghosts I-IV, and The Slip), but Musicbee is an extremely capable program and I feel like there must be something I'm missing. Perhaps I need to set the "Picture Type" for the track artwork as something else? I'm just lost. Thanks for reading.


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Now sure what you're after but doesn't the track info panel show the track artwork when it's set to primary picture regardless of picture type?
Also you can rotate images if you enable the setting from the context menu of artwork on the track info panel.