Author Topic: "not responding" issues while making playlists  (Read 709 times)


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So, I' m making playlist from my File Explorer in Windows 10 and using
the "send to" to upload the file to the Bee music library.  The file is now
in the top right hand corner "tracking play".  I highlite the entire file  right click, scroll down to "add playlist" left click that, and then few
seconds later "Not responding" appears on top of the app in the infro-
mation bar for about 1 min, the the playlist add page shoots out the
scroll down to "new playlist" enter the information save it. I have a new
listing.  Now when using the app at the beginning, the whole thing works correctly but after two or three markings it does what I described above.  Can you check this out a find me a fix  as I like
this and have many many playlist's to make.