Author Topic: Is there a simple, quicker way of editing multiple genres?  (Read 3445 times)


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I’ve spent a good amount of time assigning multiple genres to my collection and want to take this further, by making refinements to what I’ve already done.  However, given the size of my collection this has become a daunting task, especially as in some cases I’ve gone as far as assigning different, multiple genres to the individual tracks of an album – I must be mad! 

Currently, the process I’m carrying out involves selecting a particular genre, changing the display mode to ‘tracks’ and sorting this by the genre tag, then selecting as many individual tracks as I can, which is dependent on them having the exactly same genre value.  For instance, if I wanted to change the phrase ‘Indie Folk’, I can’t obviously edit a group of tracks all having “Indie Folk; Indie Pop; Neo-Psychedelia” as a multiple genre, whilst also having another subset of tracks selected, that have “Indie Rock; Indie Folk” as a multiple genre.  Is there a way of overcoming this limitation, so that I can conduct my edits quicker?


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...multiple genres to the individual tracks of an album – I must be mad! 
so that I can conduct my edits quicker?
I do the same, excessively...
Have a look at Bororda74's plugin:

There's a few string adjustment templates to get you started. With that you can do context sensitive replace/add/remove actions for metadata fields, but it does require you to dive into scripting the logic for what you need. BUt, there's a helpful forum here as well, should things not work as intended.
Good luck.


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You can also edit one tag without touching others in the same field if you use the tag inspector. For instance, you could select all tracks with genre Rock and edit only the Rock genre, leaving any others alone. Just be cautious because there's not an undo function there.
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changing the display mode to ‘tracks’ and sorting this by the genre tag

I'd add "genres" field rather than "genre" field which will show the full multi-values.

I'm doing the same thing with Artists field for classical music, and search & replace command and tag inspector help a lot. When even those won't help, I bulk copy all Artists values to notepad++ using "copy and paste selected fields" command of Additional Tagging Tools plugin, edit all with notepad and then copy back to files using the same command.
Artists field is a little easier to manage because searching ";" works for multi-value files if display artist value contains it. But it won't be possible for genres field, and editing with notepad++ can help this.


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Wow! Many thanks guys - several good suggestions. The more I use MB the more I like it!