Author Topic: Move music to new HD, keep playlists etc...  (Read 1297 times)

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Hello All

I need to move my music files to a new, larger drive, but without losing my playlists.

I initially looked at the Send to / Folder (Move) command but that only seems to work on individual files, and not folders.

I copied my music to the new drive and assumed there would be a simple option to point MB at the new location, but if there is I can't find it.

My PC is Win7 Pro with the latest patches etc, my MB is v3.1.6950.

Hope you can help!


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File->Library->Relink Music Paths

Assuming the structure is the same other than the drive letter (using X as old and Y as new as an example)

map music file path from: X:\
to: Y:\

If you the changes go deeper, give more detail.  For example, if on the old drive it was X:\Music and on the new drive it's Y:\MyMusic

map music file path from: X:\Music\
to: Y:\MyMusic\

Keep going to deeper levels until you get to where it's exactly the same for old and new.

HAL Lives

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Thanks Frankz, that worked perfectly!  :) 

I added a new file to the new drive, then imported it to my library/playlist and everything works exactly the way it should.