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My music library parent/subfolder structure is set up as follows:

Artist 1

Artist 2

I am having some difficulty setting up an auto-playlist to show the Singles of each Artist

I created an auto-playlist with the Condition to match,

"Folder Name" is "Singles"

This pulls up all the Singles into the playlist. I am then filtering by "Album Artist" , to get the singles of each artist.

The problem I am having filtering by "Album Artist" is that in many occasions, not all the songs that are within the Singles folder of the chosen Album Artist show up. This is because in each of the Singles folder, I included songs that the artist is featured ( and is the main producer) without him being the officially tagged Album Artist.

For example, assume that the Artist 1 above is: Alesso and a track in the Singles folder is Maroon 5 - This Summer (feat. Alesso)

      Maroon 5 - This Summer (feat. Alesso)

The officially tagged "Album Artist" however is Maroon 5.

So with the autoplaylist set up as above, the tracks in the Singles folder of Alesso show, except for the ones he is not officially the Album Artist, in this case Maroon 5 - This Summer (feat. Alesso) doesn't show up.

I hope the above example makes sense.

What I would like to do is instead of filtering by Album Artist -  to show all Parent folders and selecting a Parent folder, show all the tracks that exist within the Singles folder.

Can this be achieved with a virtual tag?

Any guidance is appreciated.


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Are the featured artists tagged as artists or guest artists in the tags for the tracks?

If so, you can use artist rather than album artist.

Another option would be to create a custom tag for "Release Type" and then tag each track as album, single, live or remix and skip the artist/album artist criterion.

It's a big hassle to try to keep folders organized in this manner.  It's much easier to tag each file once according to what it is and let the program do the work of picking things out.  I'd tag my files the way I want and then it doesn't matter what folder they're in.  If you tag the files like Artist1; Artist2 then you can avoid digging through folders (and keeping multiple copies of the files, which is what it sounds like you're doing) because it'll show up in the artist browser in your library under each listed artist.
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You could filter by a virtual tag that shows the parent folder name of Singles.
Try with this guide:


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redwing I missed your post #12. It does exactly what I was looking to achieve. Thank you. :)

I do need to keep often double tracks in different folders which annoys me but didn't yet find a solution to keep things continuously being "organised". This problem is apparent with EDM music, not with other genres where the tags are much simpler, like Classical, Pop, Jazz etc.

Files are tagged in the following manner, in the

artist field: Artist1; Artist2 etc
album artist: Artist1

So if I have a song for example like the above, Maroon 5 - This Summer (feat. Alesso), I will have a duplicate of the same song in  the Singles folder for each Artist, one in the Maroon 5 and one in the Alesso Singles folders

I don't always keep a duplicate file based on all of the featured artists of each song (of all the names that appear in the artist field) - it depends on the "importance" of the artists involved. In many occasions, in the artist field there are several artists that I don't want to be displayed when using a filter, like the artist filter

For example, if there is a song,
Audien - Hot Water (feat. Victoria Zaro)
the tag fields would be

artist field: Audien; Victoria Zaro
album artist: Audien;

Then I will only keep one copy of the song in the Audien, Singles folder. If I filter by artist, then Victoria Zaro will also appear as an artist which is something I don't want.

The only way I can think of as of now to avoid duplicating songs is to have a list of the artists (i.e. in a txt file) that I want to be displayed. Then filter in musicbee by artist (not album artist) but exclude displaying artists that don't appear in the txt file. The txt file is just a guidance, I tried to use a list of artists that I want to be displayed in an autoplaylist condition but I haven't managed so far to show only the names from the artist field that I want to display and exclude the rest.
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