Author Topic: Set Volume to 100% on Startup  (Read 309 times)


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Sometimes I use Musicbee when I'm playing videogames with friends online, so I turn the volume down on Musicbee in order to hear the game and what my friends are saying. When I close Musicbee, sometimes I forget that I have turned down the volume, so when I go to listen to my music when I'm not playing games online, I panic a little bit because the music is quieter than I remember, then I look down at the volume and realize my mistake.

Is there any way that you could add a feature that would tell Musicbee to set the volume to a certain level at startup? Or if there is already a way to tell Musicbee to put the volume at a certain level when playing music under certain conditions, how do I do it?
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Freddy Barker

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A seemingly simple to implement option,  and a nice useful addition.
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How many times already I've been shocked by very loud system sounds, because MB was set to a low volume from a previous session and system volume was turn up to get suitable music loudness.  :)



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I guess to add on to this, it wouldn't have to startup at 100%. It could be any volume the user chooses.


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