Author Topic: Get MB to playback tracks at mp3gain adjusted values  (Read 603 times)


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I have a couple of artists that I used Mp3Gain to adjust the volume levels on. But when I play the tracks in MB the new volume levels aren't reflected as good as should be. I set the Mp3Gain level to 100 db for those 2 artists. If in MB I set Replay Gain to off should the tracks play back at 100 db, or does MB do some volume leveling on the tracks? If I Edit one of the files it shows volume leveling at -11 db. Is that working as it should since apparently MB maybe sets an overall volume leveling at 89 db. I was just wondering how all of this works. Also, if anyone knows, is 100 db way too high a value to use with Mp3Gain - what is a recommended value?