Author Topic: musicbee single flac+cue and lyrics in *.lrc ,can i see synch lyrics?  (Read 1153 times)


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i have ripped all my Elliott Smith 's albums , 1 single file flac for albums + cue

and i have downloaded for each track a synch *.lrc file

for example figure 8 album
in che cue there is TITLE "Son of Sam"

and the lyric file is Elliott Smith - Son of Sam.lrc
i have tried to rename it to Son of Sam.lrc and rename in txt too
all the synched lyrics are in the same folder of the entire flac
but nothing , i can't have sync lyrics

what's wrong?
can you advises me a solution?
best regards
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This may not address your actual question, but for synched lyrics have you tried using MiniLyrics ( with the MusicBee MiniLyrics helper plugin ( to display them in MB's own lyrics panel?