Author Topic: Toggle output with hotkey  (Read 4291 times)


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Especially needed in wasapi and ASIO mode. Add this option, something like Ctrl+Tab so one doesn't need to go to now playing list Right Click>Play More>Output to>Select device from list. Option is there, only add it to hotkey list so we can assign hotkey to it, shouldn't be hard

EDIT: I did find this topic on forum, but it was from 2011, so just reminding
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Not as convenient as a hotkey, but you can right-click anywhere on the playback controls or progress bar to select the Output To menu directly, which is a bit less clicky than from the Now Playing List.
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Would be a nice feature because I am lsitening sometimes with my plugged in headset and sometimes via UPNP . Always changing this in the preference is a bit long way.. For your motivation.. it is the only feature I think would be great, everything else like Android and UPNP compatibility is still there - wow!

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Been thinking about this for a while. Would be nice to use the keyboard to switch to a different output, versus the mouse